I. Website purpose http://logiform-hbl.com


    Website logiform-hbl.com works with the purpose of introducing information about Leanway Equipment & Technology .,JSC.


    Address:  No. 16 - Phan Trong Tue Str - Thanh Liet Commune - Thanh Tri District - Hanoi City


    Tel: +84 (243) 2002 371 - Fax: +84 (243) 2009 432 - Tax code: 010780055


    Hotline: +84 (98)5 534 534    


  Introduce services providing installation of ancillary products to related production fields: Electronics - telecommunication, Garment leather shoes, Manufacturing auto and motorcycle parts, Food processing, Pharmaceutical processing.


II. Rights, obligations of the customer and Leanway Equipment & Technology .,JSC


           1. Rights, obligations of Leanway Equipment & Technology .,JSC


   Leanway Equipment & Technology .,JSC provides accurately and well-grounded product information as the actual product and is responsible for published content information.


    Leanway Equipment & Technology .,JSC is responsible for consulting the buyer's request to solve the queries providing necessary information to the products and services. Follow the transaction process.


     Support customers with agreed, consulting responsibility items to answer the buyer's request.


     Provide a full range of paperwork certificate of product warranty, invoice service, related documents (if any). After the buyer has completed the payment.


           2.  Rights, obligations of the customer


  Buyers are consulted about products and services released by Leanway on the website. Customers can request further advice on the website or send comments or questions on each content page that the website allows. The content of posting non-spam messages does not violate the law is not intended to provoke or defame any individual organization. Provide information on use purpose for Leanway. Information on quantity scales. Comply with the terms set out by the seller.


    Pay in accordance with the agreed process and on time with the seller. Get more goods warranty documents related papers (if any).


    Support to complete the terms of the contract between the two parties (if any). Comply with the terms signed.


    Support to provide paper information related to cooperation transactions to resolve  complaints if required.


III. Secure storage of customer information


      All customer information contact information is kept confidential and stored for the purpose of customer care to comply with warranty terms with products with a high warranty.


      All images shared on the website are subject to the consent of the customer.


IV. Contact information: 





Address:  No. 16 - Phan Trong Tue Str - Thanh Liet Commune - Thanh Tri District - Hanoi City


Tel: +84 (243) 2002 371 - Fax: +84 (243) 2009 432 - Hotline: +84 (98)5 534 534


Website: nhomhinh.com/ leanway.vn/ logiform-hbl.com - Email: info@leanway.vn


Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/leanway.vn/


Account number: 0141100633003 –  Military Commercial Joint Stock Bank, Thanh Xuan Branch


Tax code: 0107800552



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0985 534 534