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                                         1. Logifrom will promptly make you carry out your ideas and so you its at effects at once.

                                         2. Logiform realizes creative activities from concept to production.

                                         3. It is a product with features and the system can easily fabricate various structures through ABS-coated                                                         logiform pipes and a variety of joints.

                                         4. It is easy to assemble and can be produced without special skills.

                                         5. The surface is coated with plastic to keep it clean for a long time.

                                         6. Even if the manufacture is defective, it is still easy to repair. 

                                         7. Because it is a lightweight material, the product is easy to fabricate and handle.

                                         8. No equipment is needed for production.

                                         9. No welding required so it is very safe and easy to install in place.

                                        10. Continuous improvement activities may be promoted.



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