Pay Return the goods


1/ Cases are covered by Leanway


  - In this case the breakdown is determined by the fault of the manufacturer and the warranty period is still in progress.


 - The equipment must be operated in accordance with its capacity functions and the supplier's instructions.


 - The equipment must be serviced periodically according to the instructions of the supplier.


 - When the equipment has unusual phenomena, it must immediately notify the supplier to promptly repair and not repair it.


 - The product shows no sign of third-party interference (external repair).


 - The serial number of the seal on the product and the warranty card must be the same, intact, not torn or modified.


- The goods are not affected by the environment (water absorbent, corrosive chemicals cause thermal deformation).


2/ Cases are not covered by Leanway


- The equipment is damaged due to improper operation with overcapacity or voluntarily dismantling and repairing. 


- The equipment is damaged due to external factors such as fire, impact, or earthquake.


- Warranty card is torn or content has been modified.


- The product has expired on the warranty card or lost the warranty card.


- Warranty card or warranty stamp is torn and the warranty stamp is overwritten or modified.


- Serial numbers on the machine and warranty card do not match or cannot be determined for any reason.


- Products purchased at company but past the warranty period our company will provide repair services for a fee.


3/ Charged repair cases


In case of the goods you buy at Leanway but are in the cases not covered by the above warranty, we will receive repair for a fee (if requested by you).


- The repair fee will be negotiated by Leanway with you.

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