General introduction

Our project Mission


         LEANWAY EQUIPMENT & TECHNOLOGY .,JSC is a specialized unit in the sector of productions design consulting, supply and installation of LEAN MANUFACTURING application auxiliary equipment in the manufacturing industry:


+ Electronics and telecommunication. 

+ Garment leather shoes. 

+ Manufacturing auto and motorcycle parts.

+ Food processing. 

+ Pharmaceutical processing.


        *With a team of highly trained experienced engineers. We are committed to providing diversified product and service solutions at prices that are suitable for on-time delivery with the most attentive after-sales service to contribute to increasing the value and competitiveness of your product's customer.



                                                             * PRODUCTION AND BUSINESS SECTOR


               - Consulting, designing and manufacturing working tables, trolleys, racks and other structures in the factory.


               - Supplying coated pipes, metal joints, roller tracks, aluminum profile and accessories.



                                                                   * THE MAIN PRODUCTS



              1. Working table


                                          + Working table for the worker. 

                                          + Product repair inspection desk.

                                          + Product packaging table. 

                                          + Examination - testing table.


              2. ​Warehouse racks


                                          + FIFO racks. 

                                          + FIFO rack of assembled steel pipes.

              3. Trolley

                                          + FIFO Trolley.

                                          Spare tray trolley.


              4. Supply coupling accessories 


                                          + Supplying coated pipes, metal joints and accessories.

                                          + Supplying aluminum profile and accessories.





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